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A Scientific Explanation for the Paranormal

The Universe and Multiple Reality

by M. R. Franks
(New York:  iUniverse, 2003)
ISBN 0-595-29472-3

“There is no one reality.  Each of us lives in a separate universe.  That's not speaking metaphorically.  This is the hypothesis of the stark nature of reality suggested by recent developments in quantum physics.  Reality in a dynamic universe is non-objective.  Consciousness is the only reality.”

With those words, M. R. Franks, a life member of the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada who has belonged to that organization since high school, begins his new book, The Universe and Multiple Reality.

What is multiple reality?  How do parallel universes interconnect?   What are the exact processes by which mind interacts with matter at the quantum level?  Those are the questions that Franks, a law professor, tackles in his book as he explains the physics of miracles and of paranormal phenomena such as ESP and telepathy.

Franks explains that recent discoveries in quantum physics (the study of the physics of sub-atomic particles) and in cosmology (the branch of astronomy and astrophysics that deals with the universe taken as a whole) shed new light on how mind interacts with matter.  These discoveries compel acceptance of the idea that there is far more than just one universe and that we constantly interact with many of these “hidden” universes.

Professor Franks says he feels it is unfortunate that most books on parallel universes and quantum cosmology are written in language that an ordinary intelligent person cannot understand.   What he felt was needed is an understandable, non-mathematical source that explains the concept of parallel universes and its relationship to perceived reality—a source that brings together the contributions of such greats as David Deutsch, Albert Einstein, Hugh Everett, Stephen Hawking, and John Wheeler.

“I wanted to fill the need,” the author says, “for an understandable source that makes clear the concept of parallel universes, multiple reality, and the nature of the multiverse or superuniverse.   We talk about miracles, time travel, faith healing, and mental telepathy and how the latest scientific discoveries explain how these phenomena work.”

The book is published by iUniverse.  Information on the book is available on the book’s web site,

Franks promises that The Universe and Multiple Reality will enable the average intelligent reader to understand parallel universes, multiple reality, and the latest hypotheses advanced by scientists.  It will also give insight into the paranormal and the miraculous.

The author claims that just about anyone can easily learn the nature of the universe in which we live and the exact processes by which mind interacts with matter at the quantum level.  The theory also explains the mechanics of faith healing, the power of prayer, and even witchcraft and voodoo.

“I have presented a view, understandable to the non-scientist reader, of parallel universes and the latest developments in quantum physics—and I explain what this means in our daily lives,” says the author.

The Universe and Multiple Reality breaks new ground.  There are a great many books on parallel universes, on quantum physics and multiple reality—but none that proffers an understandable theory on how the human mind interacts with multiple realities at the quantum level to produce palpable physical effects,” claims Professor Franks.

The author feels this book is a must for any intelligent person curious about the place their mind holds in the cosmic scheme of things.

The Universe and Multiple Reality is available from,, and  Further information on the book may be found on the book’s own web site,

The book may be cited as M. R. Franks, The Universe and Multiple Reality (New York:  iUniverse, 2003).  The ISBN number of the book is 0-595-29472-3.

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