What is a Near Death Experience?

A Near Death Experience may be defined as “the perception of a person near death that while near death his or her mind temporarily left his or her body.”  Such experiences often are reported by accident victims and persons who have undergone serious surgery.  On recovery, the persons who were near death frequently claim that while near death they could view themselves at the accident scene or on the operating table, usually seeing themselves from a position hovering in the air over the accident scene or operating table.  Their accounts of things said and done are generally accurate even though they were clearly unconscious at the time.  Though their eyes were closed, they can relate accurately who did what, and sometime even what happened in an adjacent room.

Numerous double-blind experiments confirm the existence of a “psi” or psychic factor.  But what is is the physical process by which an out of body experience operates?  And how does an out of body experience work?

There are a great many writings telling about the near death experiences of persons.  But few books say anything on why the phenomenon of near death experiences exists.  Just how do near death experiences work?

Recent discoveries in quantum physics (the study of the physics of sub-atomic particles) and in cosmology (the branch of astronomy that deals with the universe taken as a whole) shed much light on how mind interacts with the universe.  These discoveries compel acceptance of the idea that there is far more than just one universe and that we constantly interact with many of these “hidden” universes.

Unfortunately, most books on quantum cosmology are written in language that an ordinary intelligent person cannot understand.  Moreover, many if not most scientists are in a state of denial of anything supernatural.  They are blind to the paranormal and simply cannot see the obvious logical conclusions of their own discoveries.

What is needed is an understandable source that explains those relevant concepts of quantum physics and cosmology which reveal the exact process by which out of body experiences work.  Schrödinger's Cat, parallel universes, the many-worlds hypothesis, and their relationship to perceived reality are all relevant.  Needed is a source that brings together the contributions of such greats as:

Alain Aspect (the Aspect experiment)
John Stewart Bell (Bell's Theorem)
David Bohm
David Deutsch
Bryce DeWitt
Sir John Eccles
Albert Einstein
Hugh Everett
Stephen Hawking
Douglas Hofstadter
Fred Hoyle
Julian Jaynes
Sir James Jeans
Carl Jung
Subhash Kak
Sir Charles Lyell
Hermann Minkowski
Karl Pribram
Rupert Sheldrake
Neil Sloane
John Wheeler

What is needed is a source that makes clear why paranormal phenomena such as the near death experience have an actual basis in perceived reality.  Needed is a resource that explains in understandable, non-mathematical terms everything from Einstein to the big bang hypothesis to morphogenetic fields.

Such a source exists.

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